Can You Fire-proof a Roof?

We’ve written many times here at J. A. Edwards of America about the important protections provided by roofs. Most of that information has been about water and wind. Your home’s roof, though, also offers protection from the other end of the damage spectrum: fire.

A healthy, intact roof can help prevent and minimize fire damage to your home. Follow this advice to keep your roof and your home fire free.

Fire Resistant Materials

Roofing materials are rated according to their ability to withstand fire conditions: 

  • Class A: offer the highest resistance to fire. 
  • Class B: can withstand moderate exposure.
  • Class C: the least resistant.

Talk to us at  J. A. Edwards of America to determine the fire rating materials that would be the best for your home.

Keep It Clean

We stress regular roof maintenance, especially in the fall. Typically we point out the danger of material damage, but plant debris on the roof or in the gutters can provide plenty of fuel for a blaze. Pine needles in particular, all too common in the Orlando area, burn readily when exposed to a flame or even a spark.

Trim It Back

For the same reasons, we recommend trimming back any vegetation overhanging your roof. If the trees ignite (from a lightning strike, for instance), burning limbs could easily fall onto the roof or into the gutters.

Repair Damage Quickly

Apart from the water damage or the animal infiltration that roof damage might allow, it can also diminish your roof’s fire protection qualities. Exposed portions of your roof are more susceptible to fire damage; cracks and holes allow airflow that can stoke flames.

Maintain the Electrical

Many fires begin with the electrical system in a house’s attic space. During your routine roof inspection, pay attention to any potential electrical problems and have them dealt with immediately. Look for insulation covering electrical boxes, damaged wires, poor ventilation near HVAC units, and leaks near electrical components.

Contact Us

If the time is right to replace your roof, contact us at J. A. Edwards of America. We can advise you about the ideal fire resistant roof for your home.

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