Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof

Winter weather is coming and that means now is the time to prepare your home’s roof. Winterizing your roof is relatively easy, and to help you prepare we’ve put together a quick checklist to make it even easier for you.

Step One – Inspect your roof 

Before you start anything else,, it is important that you check the state of your roof. As winter gets into full swing it brings rain and snow with it. These elements can cause small defects in your roof to become serious issues.

While inspecting your roof, you should be looking for any splits, punctures or uplifted shingles that are typically the main reason for leaks. These signs of roof damage are visible to even the untrained eye.

Step Two – Determine if you need to repair or replace your roof

If you spot something wrong with your roof, you have a choice to make. Repair or replace? If the issues you find when inspecting are minimal a minor replacement can be your best solution.

Step Three – Have Your Gutters Cleaned

With winter coming, inspecting and fixing your roof is just the beginning. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your gutters helps prevent serious damage that could lead to large issues down the road.The last thing you need is a clogged gutter comes the winter.


Make sure you have checked your roof before winter weather is on its way. Having a compromised roof can lead to larger issues during winter months when there is more wind, rain and snow in your area. If you are in need of assistance, our team is available for a consultation.

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