Autumn Maintenance Review

Summer is winding down in the area, so it’s time to think once again about autumn roof maintenance. Homeowners who keep a regular check on the condition of their home’s roof will enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting structure. Since being aware of any potential problems early on will help to prevent much more serious problems down the road, Vanguard recommends a yearly autumn maintenance review. Follow these guidelines for an efficient and helpful look at your roof.

Get Up There, But Stay Off

To get the best sense of what’s going on with your roof, you’ll need to get close. Do your best, however, to stay off of the roof itself if you can. Click here for tips about what not to do on your roof.

Quick Visual Inspection

Look for obvious signs of damage. Pay particular attention to damaged shingles: dents, cracks, holes, etc. Check out the flashing around chimneys or other joints. Click here for a more thorough explanation of what to look for.

Check for Animal Activity

As the season changes, many animals and insects start looking for a place to spend the colder months. Look for any sign of animal or insect activity. Click here for an explanation of the kinds of damage that wildlife can do.

Solar Panel Issues

If you have installed energy-saving solar panels, now is the time to take a look at them to insure that they are not damaged or dirty.

Trim and Clear

Take the opportunity to trim back any growth that has started overhanging the roof during the summer months. Clear any debris or objects from the roof.

Clean the Gutters

If the leaves have already started falling, make sure that they are not clogging the gutters. Click here for gutter cleaning tips.

Look at Windows

As long as you’re on a ladder, check out all the seals around windows. Click here for window maintenance tips.

Remember the Inside

Once you have completed your outside maintenance and inspection, move on to the attic. In addition to spotting potential leaks, make sure that your attic’s ventilation is good.

Contact Us

If your autumn maintenance review brings to light any problems, contact us at Vanguard. We can perform a more thorough, professional inspection and get your roof back in the best shape.

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