New Year, New Roof?

Is 2021 the year you get a new roof?

If you have a tile roof that is ten year or older, it might be time to have it inspected for storm damage. Tile roofing is a beautiful and great option for protecting your home, but any roof system has the potential to be impacted by sever weather.

At JA Edwards of America, we specialize in storm damage assessment, insurance approval and top notch replacement of tile roofs for our customers.

Roof systems are frequently damaged by wind and hail and it is often invisible when viewing from the ground. These issues are very prevalent in our Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Amelia Island areas, that is serviced by our JA Edwards Jacksonville Office.

We can help you with a free inspection of your home today. We have the ability to do all of our inspections virtually with a drone and use of Zoom or Facetime.

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