Winter Weather and Your Roof

Some of the most common forms of roof damage during winter months are from water, snow or wind damage. To make sure your protected, be aware of what can cause this issues.

1. Water Damage:

When snow and ice build up on the roof, leaks can be caused by interior heat from the house. As the ice melts on the roof, often the build-up gets trapped causing an ice dam on the roof, gutters and downspouts. When this happens, interior water damage can occur.

2. Snow Damage:

If snow and ice accumulate on your roof, there is a risk of it collapsing. On top of that, the amount of water produced from snow melting can cause water damage and leak through into your home through cracks.

3. Wind Damage:

Did you know that some of the strongest wind storms occur during the winter season? These wind storms can affect your roof. During wind storms shingles can be torn or loosened off of your home. The wind also has the ability to rip off or loosens up flashing, and it is especially hard on a roof’s ridges, which are more exposed to the wind stream.

Before winter gets here, call and have your home’s roof inspected by a Vanguard specialist.

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