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Vanguard, uses GAF, an American-made product, the best one out there. With many colors to choose from, we’ll help you make the best choice for your home and for your neighborhood. You’ll have many different ways to view your options: on the computer, in person with sample boards, or on actual roofs of other satisfied customers.

Normally, we recommend an upgrade from a 3-tab shingle to an architectural shingle. With a life expectancy of 50 years, this shingle is a much better product that also looks better, boasts a higher wind rating, and comes with a longer warranty. Since the cost difference is minimal, we think the upgrade is more than worth it.

I’m Ready, What’s the Next Step?

When you don’t go through the repair, renovation and construction process every day, it’s easy for homeowners to feel anxious. At Vanguard, we want you to feel comfortable step by step, so we’ve outlined what to expect in detail. Our staff is on your side, ready to help!

What to Expect

Five Signs That You
Might Need a New Roof

Granules in Your Gutter

If a lot of granules from roofing tiles are showing up in your gutter, you probably have damage to the shingles.

Leaks in Your House

Water coming from the ceilings or walls is a strong indicator of roof damage.

Screen Striations

If weather conditions have led to streaks on your window screens, the same forces have hit the roof even harder.

Neighbor is Getting a Roof Replaced

Damage down the block means potential damage overhead.

Hail Storm

Even relatively small hailstones can pack a big wallop. Any hail you’ve experienced could drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof.

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