Roof Replacement: The Right Time

Home owners must consider many factors when deciding on roof replacement. The first considerations most people take into account are pricing and products. Then they might look into warranties, life span, or even aesthetics. Many homeowners, however, might not put enough thought into another important factor: the right time. When is the right time to replace a house’s roof? 

How’s the Weather?

Clearly, in the larger sense, the right time to replace a roof is when it needs to be replaced. And that is certainly a sound approach. More specifically, though, when is the right time of year for roof replacement? Suddenly, another factor comes into view: weather.

Better, Not Wetter

Given that your home’s roof is there mostly to keep the weather out, you don’t want to plan to have it replaced during the wettest time of the year. Drier conditions are always favorable when it comes to just about any kind of home repair or renovation. That principle applies particularly to exterior work, and even more particularly to the roof. The roof can’t keep out the wet if the wet gets in first.

Understand the Climate

Each geographical region enjoys its own peculiar weather patterns. The yearly ebb and flow of wetter and drier can dictate many of the possibilities for ideal conditions. A little research into the annual dry season will definitely help when it comes time to decide on a plan for roof replacement. 

Winter It Is, with a Caveat

Given those factors, the most reliably dry period to schedule a roof replacement would be December through February. But perhaps the initial thought about when to replace a roof is the best one: when it needs to be replaced. Some factors, like storm damage, necessitate an immediate roof replacement. In that case, act quickly. Contact us at Vanguard for your roof replacement needs.

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