3 Reasons Not to Repair Your Roof Yourself

Vanguard has posted several articles about the importance of house maintenance, especially regular care for your home’s roof (see here, here, and here). Attention to your home’s number one line of defense against the elements will help to insure that your whole house will last a long time. Anything beyond regular maintenance, though, comes with a recommendation to seek professional guidance. Why is that? Here are three reasons not to repair your roof yourself.

You Might Void the Warranty

In the fine print of your roofing materials’ warranty, you’ll probably find a clause that explains how the warranty can be voided. Since the warranty is designed to cover manufacturing defects and not improper installation, any work done by an individual who isn’t licensed for roofing work will void that warranty. 

Vanguard employs professionals who will keep those warranties intact should you ever need roof repairs. Contact us before you attempt any roof repair yourself.

It’s Dangerous Up There

Roofing workers deal with several factors that make the job difficult and dangerous. Even if you’re unconcerned with heights, getting yourself, your supplies, and your tools up and down a ladder can pose problems. Once you’re on the roof, you must steady yourself on an angle while keeping those tools and supplies from sliding off. Then there’s the exposure; roofing work is hot.

Let someone with experience and know-how tackle the difficult and dangerous roof work.

The Quick Fix Isn’t Always the Best Fix

If you’re attempting to repair your roof yourself, you’re probably trying to save both money and time. Your goal is to effect an inexpensive roof repair quickly. Often those quick and easy solutions can be fine; just as often, though, you can create more problems further down the road. Professional roofers like Vanguard know how to solve problems on a roof. They know what works and what doesn’t and can find the best solution to tricky problems. 

Don’t let your cheap quick fix cause you more problems later. Let Vanguard fix it right for you the first time.

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