Making Your Windows Sparkle and Shine

You see the world from your home’s windows. But when those windows are covered in months of dirt, dust, and grime, the world doesn’t look quite as good. Keeping your windows clean will literally improve your outlook on life. As with your gutters, your home’s windows should be cleaned twice a year. As long as you have the ladder out, you can take care of both tasks on the same day.

Wait for Cloudy Day

Cloudy days are best for window cleaning. On sunny days the cleaning solution will dry out more quickly, leaving streaks and spots. Streaks and spots mean cleaning the windows all over again. Mornings and evenings are also better, for the same reason.

Watch the Area Beneath the Window

Before you start cleaning your windows, protect the area beneath your indoor windows with on old towel or drop cloth.

Mix Your Cleaning Solution

You can use a variety of mixtures to get your windows clean. Use distilled water to avoid minerals that might leave a film or streaks. Consider these options:

  • Mix 1 gallon of water with ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. This solution will work well for windows that aren’t too dirty.
  • Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts. This solution is a good all-purpose cleaner. The mild acidity of the vinegar will cut through the grime.
  • Mix equal parts water and vinegar, then add a teaspoon or two of dishwashing liquid. You can even out the pungent vinegar with 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Wash the Window

Using a soft cloth, natural sponge, or hog-bristle brush, wash the window, knocking away the dirt and grime. Make sure to get into all the corners. If you live in an area with a lot of sand or dust, be gentle as you scrub to avoid scratching the glass.

Wipe with a Squeegee

If you’re cleaning a large window, start at the top and make a large S with the squeegee blade. Using a soft, lint-free cloth, clean the blade after every stroke. Smaller windowpanes will require a smaller squeegee and a top-to-bottom stroke. Again, clean the blade after every pass.

Wipe the Rest

Use a damp chamois to dry the remaining cleaning solution. Be sure to soak up any liquid that has collected in the corners of the windowpane.

Don’t Forget the Screens

As long as you’re cleaning the glass in the windows, you should clean the screens as well. First, vacuum to remove any dirt or dust, then wash the screen using the same solution you used for the glass. Allow the screens to dry completely before replacing.

Damaged Windows?

If you notice damage to your windows from wind, hail, or other storms, contact us at Vanguard. We can install new windows in your home that will keep your outlook clear for years to come.

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